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Team Tennis Programs

Tennis Addiction is always a set above the rest because we believe in the game, and we believe in you. When you sign up for a Deltri or USTA team at Tennis Addiction–we sign up to serve you, and raise your game. Within each and every one of us is a champion–at Tennis Addiction we’ll help you find that side of yourself in addition to the side of the ball for those wicked angles!


Deltri season

September thru mid-March. All Matches are held on Fridays, so you’re weekends are always free! We also offer optional team practices during the week.

Location: HOME matches are at Tennis Addiction and AWAY matches are played at various clubs throughout Chester and Delaware Counties.  Approximately 50% of matches are played on our HOME courts. Travel time to other clubs will vary depending on where you live, but it’s a great opportunity to see the local tennis community and network with new people.  Of course we always hope your travels bring you back to Tennis Addiction where we are “addicted” to serving you.

Coordinator: Tiffany Marsillio (  It’s simple—email Tiffany, let her know you are interested in DELTRI and she will match you up with the perfect team based on your availability and playing level. Tennis Addiction has competitive teams in all six divisions. Whether you just want to give it a “tri” by being a sub, or “tri” it all the way on— Tiffany will work with you to find your best fit. Speaking of fit—uniforms are not required for DELTRI, but be sure to check out our pro shop and “tri” on our beautifully curated collection of tennis fashions.
Visit pro shop.

New Teams: New teams may challenge on our ladder if openings are available.  Use the following URL to notify our coordinatar


USTA Season: TA offers competitive USTA teams year round from the 2.5 level thru the 4.5 level for both men and women and mixed. Just starting to compete or a seasoned player….our staff is here to help. We offer team practices and personal coaching.

Location: Home matches are played indoor at tennis addiction or outside at Malvern Prep. arrangements for matches are decided prior to the season.

Coordinator: For more information on starting your own team or joining an existing tennis addiction team contact Betsy at

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